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About me

Profession of faith

Born there is a good forty years on Earth, I expected the end of the world and the passage to the euro programmed in 2000 without worry about the future.
But one day by chance I opened three pots of painting primary colours (blue, yellow, red) and not Black, Blanc, Beur as some naive could think. Having mixed these colors as some mix hot and cold water to get warm water, I paint my first Daubs.

Oddly my entourage has seen in these subtle attempts the beginnings of a work. Some 10 years later after interviews tedious but however successful with my ego, my Advisor ANPE, my wife, my kids, my goldfish and my expert in communication I decided to start my work in the face of the world.

In these troubled times by the planned obsolescence of ideas and objects, the NAWAKIENNE work fits into a tradition of more than 10 billion years, patient work of refining of chaos, Assembly errors of trajectory and unlikely collisions.

Most of my fellow citizens, too happy to consume the last object proposed promotion will never see them even this patient work of creation. They will never see this unfathomable abyss that opens when in the heart of insomnia, a fugitive from thought of a few quantum ripples whispered them "you're alive".

He fall silent in them this powerful vibration, this universal source that feeds us all, plants and animals and that saves us from the entropy.

This source alone is creative, I am only a vector.

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